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Adventure, extreme, relaxation or romantic?

Puerto Plata Discovery will take all the guess work and worry out of your vacation and replace it with knowledge and know how.

We’ll provide you everything you need to plan your trip within your budget and not miss anything that is important to you.

It’s hard to plan a completely exciting, relaxing or romantic trip, if you don’t know where to stay, what to see, who to call or how to get there.

We’ve packed Puerto Plata Discovery with all the info for creating the trip of a lifetime!!

Kite Beach

What You Will Learn

  1. - You’ll know the villa, condo, or hotel room rentals to fit your budget.
  2. - The beach names, directions and activities you can expect to find there.
  3.  - All the attractions, adventure trips and tours for kids and adults.
  4. - Where to rent a car, taxi, sea doo or 4-wheeler.
  5. - The specialties and names of the best restaurants.
  6. - The locations and names of gyms, spas and beauty salons.
  7. - Where to shop for groceries, souvenirs or even furniture.
  8. - Specialty stores like bakeries, cafes, butchers and markets.
  9. - Where you can go on day trips and what you can experience.
  10. - What you can see on a simple walking tour of the city like museums, rum factory, etc.
  11. - Bars, nightclubs and casinos.
  12. -Where the golf courses and scuba shops are.
  13. - Learn about the Dominican people, their culture, traditions and how things work here.

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Puerto Plata Fortress

To make the most of your next vacation in Puerto Plata you’ll need accurate information to plan all the attractions and adventures you want to do and see while you are here.

We’ve been coming here since 2001 and now we live here full time. Take advantage of our experiences, the hidden gems, the beaches we’ve discovered on all of our explorations.

You’ll have a feeling of familiarity when you arrive because we fill you in on the owners and managers of the various businesses, their history here and lots of photos.

Can Book When You Arrive

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Not exactly sure of what you’ll feel like doing before you get here?

Take a look around the site, gather all the inside information you’ll need to make the decision once you arrive.

Just take a few notes or bookmark Puerto Plata Discovery on your phone, laptop or tablet.

Then you’ll be able to look up the adventure you want, read about it from our experience, see pictures, get contact info, book it and get transportation there.

Sosua Bay, puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Everyone has their own budget. We are trying to include everything you could expect depending on what you wish to spend.

Dominican Boy with Turtle

If you have any questions about any of the info we've covered or there's a a piece of Puerto Plata paradise you'd like us to look into please let us know that too. Click here to contact us!!

We'd be glad to investigate and include more for everyone to discover!